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Bass on small speakers example

on 2003-09-16 20:37:41 louki asked about getting deep bass on small speakers. It took me a while, but I created an example of how upper harmonics added to a deep bass sound can help make it possible to perceive the bass part on small speakers. The song is called "Bass Harmonic Demo".
I use the Vocoder to display a simple example of how adding upper harmonics (via distortion, in this case the Scream 4) doesn't add hardly any overall gain, but does allow the low notes to be 'heard' on small speakers. The example (when played) toggles between no generated harmonics and generated harmonics avery 2 bars. Watching the vocoder's display you will notice the upper harmonics appear and dissappear every 2 bars, but the level on Mixer channel 1 stays the same. Also notice that the lowest band on the vocoder stays the same, indicating that the LF information, ie. the fundimental, stays the same level (does not decrease) when adding the upper harmonics. While this is nothing earth shattering, I hope it helps illustrate the concepts that myself and others were refering to in an effort to explain how to deal with low bass sounds and small speakers. As always, YMMV

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