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real time, repeat, quantise and edit

the last few months I really started to get annoyed listening to quantised and repetitive music.

admitted, I do use these things sometimes. most of the time when time is a problem. and time is often a problem... it seems. (but time is just a weird thing, so I try to stop thinking about it too much.)

but still, repetitions, quantisation and heavily edited music is annoying me lately. sh%t, I love Aretha Franklin ( she changes the melody ALL THE TIME ), Todd Rundgren, Miles Davis ... ah well... the big list ...

as a guitarplayer my keboard-skills were never mind-blowing, so I try to improve them. so I try:
- play well
- stop editing stuff I have just played
- if it's not right I play the song again
- not to record just one small part, but play the whole piece. big mistakes: try again
- pratice with the clicktrack to make my timing become better and being able to swing before and after the beat (hey, I am really getting good in swinging agaist the beat)
- not repeating parts, better do a new track with the things I want as a whole
- listen to the whole song instead of soloing tracks
- and more... the things I forgot...

maybe I am a little vague, but this should trigger some response, right?
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