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Old 2003-09-27, 08:05
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unknown genius! (Fleabag, you inspired me!)

well i was going through some trance productions here in the archive when i crossed this artist Fleabag with a track called Lord of the trance from the 24th of i deceided that someone who gives his track such a name, must really have a good reason and so i thought i'd gave it a listen...
let me tell you; this is a masterpiece! to be able to produce such a great trance production within reason is incredible; he really inspired me...yes, from this day on i'm a huge fan
and what's more, i deceided to do a forum search to see what others were thinking about this track...and believe it or not; the guy didn't even post a thread about it and on top of that, the only tread i found mentioning "Fleabag" was from another guy, who just like me wrote a thread to show his appreciation for Fleabag...already two of us; i'll definitely start a fanclub now
Fleabag, if you read this; you *are* the lord of the trance (well and for the promotion; i'll sent you the note )


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