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Reason Sequncing Questions

I've tried to expand on a basic beat I made in Reason by getting the sequencer to play the beat and have run into 2 problems.

I want to set up the Reaon sequencer to automatically change between several different patterns in Redrum and Matrix modules. So, I will select the pattern I want, put the sliders in the sequencer where I want to fill in the notes, then choose Send notes to Track (or whatever it's called) from the menu up top.

This seems to work ok, but I have 2 problems. First, the beat that is played back by the sequencer is slightly different than when I trigger it "live" by clicking Run on Redrum. It sounds like 1 of the sounds I'm using doesnt play back, or plays back differently. Can anyone offer any suggestions why I would get a slightly different sound on only 1 of my patches from the same module?

Second, I cant get the pattern to stop playing in the sequencer. If I have a Redum or Matrix pattern in the sequncer with notes for the first 2 bars then I want it to shut off for the next 2 bars then come in again, how do I do this? When the sequencer gets to the first 2 "empty" bars, Redrum doesnt shut off like its supposed to. If I uncheck the "Run" button (and/or play pattern), when I play the sequencer, the run button turns itself back on but then fails to turn itself off when it reaches an empty bar.

Am I better off using an empty redrum pattern?


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