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How do you file your songs?

Just thought it would be interesting to see how others file the songs they work on...

I work on little parts at a time, and the file names all start with the date yr/m/d so they're always in order of oldest to newest (20031002-song type).

Lots of them are something like
20030929-movie score dramatic
or 20030929-great house song (the great meaning it's good enough/commercial enough to work on as a complete song)

I work on quite a few different types of music, house, movies, hip hop, weird (when i'm bored and trying new ideas/samples).

There are too many of them now, so I think I'll try sorting them in directories - it makes it a bit longer when I save, finding the right type, I like saving as soon as I've got something that's not too bad... but all of these in one directory is getting long.

Do most of you do only one type of music, work on just a song at a time (so you don't have tons of little files), etc.

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