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843 being away for a while ..... ?

As I visited this board on a daily base I made some nice contacts and lately I haven't posted that much so I'll have something to explain.For the last two years I only used my computer to make music and didn't play my guitar at all but now it all changed.Last week I woke up and thought about how I loved playing and everything involved in physically working for tone,timbre and what makes good sound.So I didn't think that long,went to a music store and got me a good new guitar.It's a Fender American Texas Special in surfgreen straight from the Customshop in Corona California and I'm happy as the kid in the candystore again.So now you all know what I do if I'm not posting for weeks.

Cheers,this board is still the best and you people are great!

Martin (843) (pain in my rusty fingers and exhausted)

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