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Old 2003-10-06, 00:07
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Problems opening Reason 2.5 files with Reason Adapted

David Crowder recently released a CD with (what I believe is) the Reason Adapted installer on it.

I happened to meet someone online who was interested in Reason, but wanted to hear some other tunes with it. I thought I'd upload some tunes I've sequenced that he might recognize, hoping to sell him on the concept of Reason, 'cause I love plugging this app and seeing people experience the thrill of making music so easily. Seriously.

Anyway, when he tries to open my rns and/or rps files, they open a blank document for him. Any idea why? They downloaded correctly, have the proper icon associated with them, etc... but double clicking on the song just opens a blank on his Reason Adapted app. I walked him through (via email) how to even try going to the file menu and opening it through there, but it still opened a blank document. I had another Reason 2.5 friend download these same files and they worked fine for him, so the files are OK. Both are on PC's, though I'm on a mac.

On this very website, Props says "Depending on what version of Reason Adapted you have, the multitude and number of devices will vary. However, no matter which version of Reason Adapted you have, you can be sure that all the devices in it function just the way they do in the full version of Reason..."

How many versions of Reason Adapted are there? Is there a list of the versions? What are the limitations of each? Processor dependant?

Would we be better off if he downloaded the 2.5 demo? The demo can load in songs right? It's just save / export disabled, correct?

Thanks in advance!

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