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The ReMapper

I posted this concept on another thread but thought it might be good as it's own thread - what do you think...

What WOULD be cool for me, more cool than MIDI out, would be an on screen local simulation of MIDI, so that you could physically control in a live situation, one subtractor, and then MIDI out of that subtractor to another subtractor, so now you're playing two subtractors live. Or have a track play one Malstrom, but take MIDI out of that Malstrom and feed into another Malstrom, then an NNXT, etc... and if this were possible, I'd love to see something called:

The ReMapper, which could take MIDI in between two units, and remap some of the MIDI info - for example, throw pitch up and down, remap the aftertouch to the mod wheel, scale information up or down via percentages. There's a lot of power in this concept. Check this out:

Have one track play a subtractor directly, but MIDI out of that subtractor to the ReMapper, have the ReMapper raise the pitch by a 5th, so it turns a C for example into a G, and also have it decrease the velocity by 15%, then send that MIDI out to another subtractor. Now the 2nd subtractor audio out goes through a digital delay, all wet. Then take MIDI out of that 2nd subtractor and run it through a complete setup like described before. Do this about 7 times and what you get is one track playing, for example, a C major on the 1st subtractor, then one bar later the 2nd subtractor plays a G major, then one bar later the 3rd subtractor plays a D major, 4th plays an A major, 5th plays an E major, 6th plays a B major, 7th plays an F# major - all the while, velocity / volume decreasing. I used to do this effect with CAREFUL tweaking with a digital delay and an old Ibanez harmonizer.

Anyway, that's just one of the things you could do with local MIDI within Reason, and something called a ReMapper. Reassign controllers to another destination. Maybe even have a built in MIDI delay. You could even have, say, 8 CV in's, so that you could send CV info to The ReMapper and assign that to percentages of various parameters. Do that and you can have a Matrix send varying data that could, for example, alter the velocity amount on a given MIDI stream, and then send that MIDI out to an NNXT that has layered samples. The Matrix altering the ReMappers velocity sent via MIDI would change the various layered sounds of the NNXT. Then put CV outs on the ReMapper too. Wow...

You could even have multiple MIDI in's and out's. Let the ReMapper use the note information of one MIDI in and the pitch bend information from another MIDI in, and combine those two and send one MIDI out to another unit.

All this would have to be laid out on a nice pop down GUI, like the RV7000 - it would be like an audio/video routing matrix, where you could see all the MIDI controllers (according to the MIDI spec) and check off where you want what to go, and then graphically assign CV in's or percentage adjustments to that variable - make sense? You could have all MIDI CC's across the top (incoming) and then across the left edge (outgoing), and only highlight across the top what currently exists coming in. Or for simplicities sake, limit it to 8 variables, modified by a pop up selector to choose what you want, and then make a mini 8x8 matrix out of that.

Put all the MIDI power into The ReMapper and leave convoluted controls out of the sound generating units - that way, you're not messing with the logic of the sound generating units, crashing their interface with new junk - just leave it up to The ReMapper to decide how functional your device is going to be with MIDI - don't give that power to the unit. Oh yeah, you should be able to filter out and remove data too.

Dear props: if you run with this concept, I'd like a large cash donation (since I've been self unemployed for months now, desperately seeking employment) and/or credit on the back of the ReMapper unit - just stamp my name into the steel.

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