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DirectX 9, Dell I8600 and Reason

So I finally got myself a laptop, a Dell Inspiron 8600. I never expected the onborad audio to be much but I did expect to be able to use DirectX with Reason 2.5 since it worked fine with my previous computer. Currently the only driver that works with Reason is the old MME drivers. Trying to select a DirectX driver just gives me a red X. Any error message would have been useful but Reason gives me absolutely no clue except that X. And silence.

From hints I've picked up I've guessed DirectX 9.0b might be a part of the problem but since there seems to be no easy path back to DirectX 8 I hereby submit this issue to the community with request for comments.

Does Reason log errors somewhere, is there a way to find status information on the audio drivers, is there a way back to DirectX 8 without reinstalling windows... well, all kind of hints are most welcome.

Finally a few notes: No, I never tried using Reason on this computer with DirectX 8 since DirectX 9 was intsalled before Reason. Yes, I do use the correct Dell approved audio drivers. Yes, I do intend to get a better audio card soon. Still I want the onboard stuff to be in working order just in case.

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