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Old 2003-10-13, 14:50
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Ultimate virtual studio! No, really. ;-)

Meffy announces the upcoming, nay, the _impending_ release (at an indefinite time in the future) of his very own personally designed and programmed Reason clone [oops; BACKSPACE!] virtual rack-mount studio system.

The as-yet unnamed product will possess every feature anyone could want, be more stable than the Rock of Gibraltar, and have such a swoopy, sexy GUI that users will spend as much time going "oooooh" and "aaaahhh" as creating music.

It will have additive, subtractive, divisive, and granular synthesis. It will have more effects than Star Wars. It will cure every disease, uplift the downtrodden, bring a kindly smile to the faces of the jaded, and make mountains of cole slaw.

Meffy WOULD post a teaser displaying a picture of the box so everyone would know how totally this product rules -- but he plans to distribute it on a 5.25" floppy packed in a ziploc bag with a mimeographed sheet of directions.

So no box pic, sorry. Maybe later. I've got to start working on a simplified block diagram now. Or maybe the GUI; that's much more fun!

the only programmer to remember to put a POWER SUPPLY in his virtual rack

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