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Old 2003-10-15, 06:25
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ED!, and fellow forum users, I need help again please :)

For people reading this I should say that this is a Cubase SX 1.06, RME HDSP-96/32, and Mackie 1202-VLZ problem. My Reason 2.5 is running like a champ on my new set-up, thanks to Ed and these boards. I like to post here because people are so much nicer than on the Cubase forums, of which I've been a registered user for over 3.5 years as "Stackman"

Ed, and Reason Folk,
I can't seem to get the monitoring right from my Mackie and RME in regards to guitar audio.

The control room outs goto the speakers.
The ALT 3/4 goes to the RME(so I can choose which tracks goto the RME and keep stereo sound)
The outputs from the RME are run into channels 3 and 4, with each panned either left or right.

I've been trying the guitar two ways: plugging the guitar into channel 1 with the effects unit as a Stereo Aux send/return. Secondly, Plugging the guitar into the effects unit with the stereo outs from the unit(A V-Amp from Behringer by the way, I know, I know...I should get something alittle more pro, the niose from the thing can be gastly, but it's all I have) into channels 1+2. I'm getting the same problem using both ways:

If I record an audio track, the only time I here the VST and Computer run effects(Gate, Reverd, ect etc done with Cubase) is when I play the audio back, I can't get a monitor mix from my Mackie. I hear the track being played from the Mackie Main with its own effects(from the v-amp), but only hear what the "Computer Recorded" when I play the track back again.

I've switched "Direct Monitoring" both on and off in Cubase, to no avail.

I dont know if I explained this well, but it's kinda haywire, lol.

And I can answer any questions you may have

Thanks for the help!


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