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Old 2003-10-09, 15:47
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You've got Reason. What other goodies do you want?

Okay, I've loved Reason since I first opened the demo. Bought it the next paycheck and never looked back.

Since then I've looked over the field of softsynths and effects units. Still haven't found anything comparable to Reason for any price. But there are lots of great synths and effects out there, even if they don't work inside Reason.

Since I'm an old-fashioned critter, my priorities have mainly been getting classic sounds and snapping up modular soft synths of various degrees of modularity.

So far my virtual studio contains (in addition to core apps Sonar 2.2, Sound Forge 6, and forte ensemble 1.2):

Reason 2.5
Moog Modular V
Tassman 3
Reaktor 4
a heap of free VSTs and VSTis, some excellent

What a treasure trove! Surely I'm satisfied, no?

NO. My greed knows no bounds. Must have more. More! MORE!

So what's at the top of my software want list? Here goes:

GMedia M-Tron -- extremely authentic emulation of the classic Mellotron, using samples from actual 'Trons owned by collectors and well-known musicians. Channel the spirits of the Beatles, Rick Wakeman (Yes), Michael Pinder (Moody Blues), and more... that might annoy the ones who aren't yet deceased, but what the hey. Oh, GMedia also sell three volumes of additional tape racks, some used by rather well-known musicians. I understand some of their samples were provided by Radiohead.

Native Instruments B4 -- Spammers assure me every morning that they can give me a huge organ but, y'know, somehow I just don't think that would work on me. :-D The only way that's going to happen is if I get the B4, a simply magnificent digital reproduction (suggestive language again, aiee) of the Hammond B3 tonewheel organ, complete with beautiful fruitwood cabinetry and a Leslie. Pretty GUI! Booker T and the M.G.s, look out, here comes Meffy.

Akai Pro D.C. Vocoder and Decabuddy: A good vocoder and a harmonizer. Couldn't decide which I wanted more, so I want both. These are genuine coolness in innocent little packages that betray the awesome powers contained within.

Native Instruments FM7: Monster FM synth for those clangorous, rich, inharmonic and sometimes discordant 80s sounds. An excellent emulation of the great DX7 and its successors with lots of extras. Six FM operators plus distortion and filter; multiple waveforms, not just sine waves; and they've added Absynth's powerful multi-breakpoint envelopes. With the added a nice big computer screen, FM programming is less of an occult art and more of a science. A thing of beauty that loads patches from a wide variety of Roland FM hardware synths... and there are a LOT of those patches around.

Native Instruments Absynth: Aliens have taken over my computer and made a GUI out of spilled solder! And it sounds MAHHHHVELOUS. You can do similar things in some other soft synths, but it wouldn't be as easy. Those multi-breakpoint envelopes are to die for. A sound like tapestry with gold and silver threads, a look like a Giger painting, it's the perfect future to complement my fascination with the musical past.

Though not priority items, I wouldn't mind if any of these fell off a tree and into my lap:

GMedia Oddity: A classy ARP Odyssey clone. Though primarily a Moog freak, I have used ARPs and liked them okay.

NI Pro-53: Not essential to me; Reaktor has the filter and anti-aliasing VCOs from Pro-53 already.

Any effects from Ohm Force. Nice stuff!

And surely I must have left a dozen items off because I'm fairly ditzy and occasionally forgetful.

Sooo... what's on YOUR big list for Santa, and why? :-)


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