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Reason + Sonar 3 & Rewire Question...

first off just let me say that i've been reading posts here for quite some time and it's good to see such a quality group of users and supporters for this great product!!!

my question is...i just ordered sonar 3 (should be here any day now) and plan on rewiring reason 2.5 into it. i was wondering what drivers should i use within sonar to get the best latency performance out of reasonvia rewire??? i know that wdm drivers are native and perferred in sonar, but is it even possible to control reason within this environment without usig asio???

i know this may be a stupid question but i'm a bit unclear as to how this will work best. i suppose i could just wait till it arrives and try it out...but i was just itching to finally post to the group. )

also, is anyone else using sonar and reason that would like to shere there experiences??? below are my system specs what kind of performance can i expect (i.e. audio track counts and what not)

p4 2.0a w/768mb ram
msi 845 ultra aru mb
xp professional
9gb 7200 rpm system drive
80gb 7200 rpm drive w 8mb cache buffer for audio
m-audio audiophile 2496 sound card

thanks in advance for you help.

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