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Old 2003-10-18, 04:41
doinky doinky is offline
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Gah! drum rex, drum rex, drum rex, drum....(waving hands)

Gah! Am I the only one?

I went to check out the Prop's tons of refills and saw the number of new Sonic refills out and most of them are drum loops (rex).

Is it me, or are many refill makers missing the point? I want to make a creation from sounds, not loops. Sure a rex file here and there in my music doesn't hurt, but you'd think rex files were the be all of the end all in music creation the way they pump these things out.

I figure the bulk of refill makers put out almost 8 drum rex refills per every 1 refill of sample sounds.

When I create my music I go for samples, in particular, unique synth, drum or effect samples. I couldn't care less for all this rigid loop building.

So what's up with all these rex refills? Do you all play loopity, loopity with your tunes or just wait for the next sample refill kit to come out like me?


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