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Old 2003-10-22, 11:34
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FREE REFILL incoming: Multisampled Fender Rhodes

Dear all

Ages ago Computer Music mag gave out a load of Fender Rhodes multisamples on a cover CD. These were pretty good quality - three velocity layers, full length samples per note, recorded cleanly from a Rhodes that had obviously been well looked after.

The mag included a NN-19 patch for these, but obviously this module couldn't layer the multisamples... you need a NN-XT for this, and at time of issue Reason 2.0 had not yet been issued.

The Rhodes is my all-time favourite keyboard, and I have a bit of an obsession with getting the right sound for Reason. None of the soundfonts/Refills I've used so far have quite done it for me (though this is a matter of taste), so... I kept all the samples and have now created a series of fully multi-sampled NN-XT patches.

I've done these in three flavours - "perfect" (140Mb), "lite" (about 60Mb) and "superlite" (about 30Mb), each with straight, tempo-synced tremelo and a (OK-ish) mod wheel-controlled wah wah versions (limitation here being the NN-XT filters which are OK but not great in my view).

It took, frankly, ages to get the velocity switching just right so that the patches 'feel' the way they should. I used a weighted keyboard (Roland Stage Piano) and used to play a real Rhodes, so I'm dead finicky about these things! But I think these are quite close... the patches go from tinkly to growly (if you know what I mean) and are about as close to putting a Lounge Lizard into Reason as I can get. Still, wouldn't it be great if Reason 3.0 had a physically-modelled electric piano module... can but hope... Props, one for the wish-list.

All this boils down to a Refill which weighs in at 43Mb. I've contacted Computer Music mag and offered them the Refill for free, in return for which they are putting it up on their website ( for free download by the Reason community. I would simply have offered the Refill to the Props, but given these were CM's samples in the first place that wouldn't have been right, so CM got first shout. CM say the Refill will be up on their website 'within the next fortnight'. I'll keep an eye out for it and will post here when it's available. And before anyone asks, no I have no connection whatsoever with CM... !

FYI the "perfect" version is three layered samples per note, the "lite" is three layered samples per white note and the "superlite" is three layered samples for each C and F. I find I usually load up the SuperLite first (it loads very quickly), play around with it, then replace it with the Perfect version before final mix. There's not a huge amount of difference in quality to my ears - these samples actually stretch quite well.

Have fun with it!


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