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Music Theory = Training Wheels

As Charlie Parker once said, you want to "learn the changes and then forget them." It must be any serious musician's goal to get past theory and connect directly with the experience of writing and playing music.

Music theory is a good thing; I'm not discouraging it at all. But I feel it's important to point out that it's just a tool to help you better understand the concepts of music; once you reach that understanding, you do away with it. You don't play a jazz solo thinking "alright, so we're playing a D7 so I should be in the D Dorian mode". By the time you go to express yourself musically, you need to have forgotten all about theory and just let it flow out of you.

You'll never find your style as long as you adhere to the letter of music theory. So don't be afraid to trust your ears and instinct over theory; it's just a guide.

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