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Old 2003-10-27, 16:52
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My entry into the 'Just Spiders' song contest is up! ;-)

[Technically, this should have been posted on the Music Board, not here. I am willing to accept censure for my presumption. ^_^]

Yes, you heard me right. Meffy Ellis has finally uploaded a Reason song. And it's a doozy!

It is my entry to the contest I announced earlier, in which the idea is to get the most out of Reason's positively sterling Spider Audio and Spider CV modules. To enter you need only submit a song written with just the Spiders (plus, of course, the sequencer and the Hardware Interface and Transport modules, which I have not been able to remove from the display, even after using a power drill on the on-screen rivets until the bit popped out the back of my display panel).

True to the skunk's aleatoric nature, he guarantees that everyone who auditions this piece will receive a totally different auditory experience... every time you hear it! Careful listening is required.

By now you will have guessed that I've adapted -- with GREAT DIFFICULTY and SUPREME EFFORT -- John Cage's 1952 composition 4'33" for performance in Reason.

Meticulously I stayed with the composer's original timing, despite his having declared that the exact lengths of the three movements are not important. He was also unconcerned about the arrangement, allowing that it could be performed on many different instruments. That's Reason enough for me.

Movement timings:

I - 0'30"
II - 2'23"
III - 1'40"

I must ask that listeners will mark the beginnings and endings of movements themselves. This is to be done by flipping the Reason rack over -- back showing -- at the beginnings of movements, and flipping it back over at the ends. This must be done manually at present, as the ability to automate this is unaccountably missing from Reason 2.5; we can only hope it is added in 3.0. (In the original, the piano keyboard lid was to be closed at the start of each movement, then opened at the movement's end.)

Thank you very much -- y'all may now throw those pies I see you hefting in meaninfgul ways. I'll try to duck, but in case of insufficient agility will gladly accept meringue and berries as an eccentric kind of artistic tribute.

*deep bow*

a skunk hiding behind a Cage
My Little Pony... I mean song

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