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Old 2003-11-02, 00:29
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Slightly OT - Anyone using Linux for their PC Studio?

I've been monitoring Linux for several years, installing a 'distro' about once/year to check out what has been improved, in the user-friendlyness/hardware support areas especially.
My latest try was Mandrake 9.1 earlier this year, which resulted in two days of frustration trying to get my Audigy2 to work properly. I did manage to get it working, but Mandrake is really going downhill. It used to be THE user-friendly Linux, but now it's just annoying, rough and unfinished and more often than not, you have to bypass all the helpful wizzards and tools they put in it and use the console.
There were however many things that impressed me as well. It detected mostly everything - network printer, CD-writer, monitor, peripherals. I even plugged my MP3 player into the USB port and an icon popped up on the desktop for it right away. I never tried my M-Audio keyboard because I couldn't get the low-latency sound drivers to install anyway. It also comes with all the tools you would need for school or small office use.

I've looked at some other distro's and when I have some time, I'll try some of them, especially Suse looks very interesting.

I'm using WindowsXP normally, but when it comes to the actual applications, I've found myself switching more and more to non-Microsoft/open source alternatives. I'm using Mozilla instead of IE/Outlook, OpenOffice instead of MS Office, various free media players etc.

That got me thinking, has anyone tried making music with Linux and free/open source software only? I'm not trying to take away market share from Propellerhead or anything, but I was just wondering.
Are there any softsynths, drum computer sims etc. for Linux that work together? I know there are some trackers and such, but are there any user-friendly and more powerful apps for it? Is there enough support for soundcards and keyboards? Has anyone tried making complete songs under Linux?

Linux is becoming more user-friendly with every release (and with an OS like Linux, there's a new release every 6 months...).
At the same time, Microsoft is incorporating more and more DRM features, product activation and "security", which are really just phone-home, spyware and RIAA backdoor features, and features designed to prevent you from running certain programs and viewing certain files that Microsoft don't want you to view.

My guess is that Linux will slowly become more popular over the next 10 years or so. Who knows, maybe in 6 years, you'll instead of running to the store and get the latest version of Windows for $200 and the latest Office for $450, log on to the Internet and just download the latest OS and software and not have to worry about spyware, trojans, etc... This doesn't mean like people like the Propellerhead team will have to give away Reason for free. There's always a market for high-quality software and I think people will pay for that. The problem is when ONE company has the ONLY alternative. Imagine if Reason was the only music software and it cost $1600?

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