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Old 2003-11-02, 23:11
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Propellerhead Board Collaberation Thread 2 (Version 3)

The other thread got sent to the second page, and I'm not sure if everyone got a chance to see it, so here's the information again.. We're currently on version 3 and we have 3 contributors so far:




Looking for more contributors.. Here's the info:

" I started a little composition earlier today and just left it with some violas and a beat. I opened it again just now and thought how cool it would be if I handed this on to somebody and they added their own little thing, then they hand it off to somebody else and so on.

Eventually after enough people had done work on it, it would come back to me and I'd finish it off. So I thought, "why not ask if the Propellerhead board guys would be up for it?"

There have to be some ground rules so nobody takes over the project.

1) You cannot change anyone else's composition, if you're uncomfortable with some notes or something, tell the person who put it in there, but do not change it.

2) You CAN however filter somebody else's work. Say you think my violas need some distortion.. Add it in then.

3) Do not complete the song. Just add to it, the completion will be done by me once we feel it's ready.

4) Before you make changes, post that you're now making changes. It would suck if 2 people downloaded a file and made uber changes, but one guy beat the other guy to posting his. So make sure you notify us that you're the one working on it at the moment. When you post your share, somebody else can claim the file for themself and make their changes.

5) You have no longer than 4 days to make your changes once you've claimed the file. If your 4 days are up. Somebody else can then claim the file and your changes will go un-added.

6) Only one contribution per person.. So once you claim the file.. Make it count.

7) When you name the instrument on the sequencer, make sure to add your name to it so we know what you've done.

8) Always save it as "Forumproject#". The number after the name will be the version number. For example the version I'm uploading now is #1, so the next person will name it "Forumproject#2".

If you have nowhere to upload your file, send it over to me at and I'll host it for you. Please use remote hosts rather than Propellerheads' song library since that's meant for complete songs.

I hope people will like this idea... Here is the file... "

Here's version 3


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