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Old 2003-11-08, 04:40
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anyone have problems controlling devices via Oxy 8...

Got myself an Oxy 8. Got the latest driver. Midi set up properly; can play the softsynths etc., and obvious default controllers like the pitch & mod wheels work, but I have trouble assigning controllers to do other things. For example, say I have an EQ and I want to assign Controller 1 (round knob 1 on the Oxy) to control Freq A for sweeps etc. How do I do that? (I know I have to create a Seq. track for it first!) I've tried right-clicking on Freq A, checking 'learn from midi' in the 'edit midi remote mapping' box, and turning controller 1 (knob 1) so that I can see the blue bars indicating that midi input is being received. But once I go back to my song, I can play all day with knob 1 without affecting the Freq A knob on the EQ device one bit. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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