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To Defend Reason Against Reason Haters

I recently started to really get the hang of Reason and finished my first couple of tracks. I'm no expert by any means, but I feel pretty confident using Reason. My friend however bashes Reason saying when you use a toy, you will get toy like results. Strangely enough he is the very person that introduced me to Reason a couple of years ago. Now he strictly uses Cubase SX. My question is what are some things I could use, facts or features about Reason, to defend Reason against his constant bashing?

Since I know nothing of Cubase, can anyone with a good knowledge of both compare the two, highlighting the strong points and weak points of both products? This would help me be better educated so the next time he starts to argue about all of this with me, I'll have something to say.

Isn't it how you use what you have the important part rather than what you are using? Thanks in advance for any comments.

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