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Old 2003-11-09, 02:54
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Audigy 2 users - new drivers fixes that anomaly...

...that I mentioned, the one with my USB controller (Oxygen 8), where if I start Reason and the Oxygen 8 is off, it doesn't detect the controller, Reason flashes a message, and would bump the latency from my 5ms setting up to 50ms.

Creative's new drivers came out this week and now my latency stays where it's supposed to stay. YAY.

Just thought I'd pass that on if anyone else was experiencing that phenomena.

BTW, the past few days have been busy. I decided to:

1. Flash the BIOS on my A7N8X-Deluxe to the 1007's
2. Update my nForce2 drivers to the new 3.13 release
3. Update my Audigy 2 drivers to the new release
4. Update my Radeon 9800 Pro drivers to the 3.9's

Needless to say, things did not go smoothly. All kinds of wacky instability, restarts, I even had my first BSOD on Windows XP - I didn't know it still had those! ;-) At any rate, the cause of all of my pain?

Stardock's friggin' Object Desktop. It was friggin' Window Blinds. I hate those guys. They need to go through the WHQL program or something, although I should have known better.

Uninstalled it, and it was as if everything was working fine from day one - instant fix.

So, to all those people who think that installing a piece of software can cause problems, I hear you loud and clear now. But to all those people who say installing Reason hosed their systems, I still think you're smoking baked ham. ;-)



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