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Old 2003-11-08, 14:50
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problem with pattern sequencing in matrix/re-drum

Hi all, Im a reason 2.0 newbie and had a good read of the manual but i'm still having problems.
Basically i have my re-drum settings set up to thier respective pattern numbers with the beats i want, & I have an analogue matrix. Can someone please explain how i make them follow the pattern order i set? I.E for the re-drums, I clicked the midi in on the sequencer and recorded clicking through the pattern cycle i want then goto copy pattern to track, but when i press play to the play song or export it to a wav, it plays the re-drum device over the patterned sequence in the sequencer so it sounds like theres 2 drum kits playing which doesn't sound right.
one last thing, with the matrix, i want it to play pattern 3 for the majority of the song, then play the other patterns now and then. I done the same as i done for the re-drum to try and record the pattern, then copied it to the sequencer but it doesnt follow what i clicked in the pattern section after i play it back.
any website links to tutorials on this would be very appreciated as im getting frustrated with this :/


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