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Old 2003-11-10, 18:16
jbratteson jbratteson is offline
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Reason devices CPU usage chart? and another big question?

Is there a chart somewhere that compares the CPU usage of each of the devices in Reason? Say on a scale of 1-10. The most CPU hungry get a 10 the most efficient gets a...well what ever it is in proportion to the 10

For example we know that a RV7000 uses more CPU than the regular RV-7 , but how much more? I know there are different algorithms to take into account but just generally. Like hall in RV7000 and hall in RV-7, apples to apples.

It would be great to have a comparison chart for all the devices so we have some solid guide to build the most efficient studios.

I guess a way to do this would be to load in individual devices on a test CPU (could be any as long as it is the same CPU used throughout the testing) and measure the usage and chart them.

Here's the other question. If you have a bunch of samplers, Malstroms, Subtractors or other device (excluding effects) but they aren't producing any sound (not using any voices) do they consume CPU horsepower? I know they use ram.

Finally, if anyone knows the answers to these quesions, what is the sound of one hand clapping? : )

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