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buzzing noise (long)

I have noticed that when I play back the music that I have made with Reason, on a stereo that I hear a buzzing sound. I hear the buzzing in songs that have very high piched sounds in them. I know its not clipping, the sounds were ran thru an eq and compressor. The clip light never came on. I dont hear the buzzing in Reason or after rendering, or after mastering. Only after I burn a cd and paly it on some cd players. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I use Reason 2.5, render to 24 bit wav, master with T-Rax and use nero to burn. My sound card is good, drivers are good, burner is good, nero is good. Ive been using Reason for over a year now and only have this probelm on some very high sounds but not all high piched sounds. I would like to correct this problem before I put the songs on the web and start selling cds that buzz sometimes on some cd players.

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