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Computer too slow? what the...

I have a problem with reason 2.5.
I have had reason now for 14 months with the fruits of my labour finally going live at a dance party on new years.
I'll be using my two computers,my old faithful 1.7 gig,and my new rack mounted monster!
The problem lies in my new computer which will be doing the hard work.
I've got the songs worked out betwwen them but find after every practice run the whole thing crashes after about half an hour.
The songs on the old computer have had to be economised because of lack of power.
But the songs on the new one are left open as full instrument rns so I can tweak em with the remote 25.
Its a powerful computer that runs complex rns's at less than 4 to 5 bars on the cpu in reason,so why then are they crashing!!
When I master them in cubase rewire is rock solid for hours on end,but the live tweaks in reason itself in rewire are not the best.
But I would prefer to use just reason on both computers just to make a statement.
I'm a ex nightclub dj so two computers running through a mixer is the way I want to do it.

I would like to think its something I'm doing here,and not the software because the way these two computers are set up is perfect for me and keeps the flow and energy levels in my set at a maximum.

Any suggestions appreiated.


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