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Old 2003-11-20, 09:19
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Drivers mangle Rex2's...just the facts, mam.

So, I was kind of kicking myself for bad mouthing the Ozone drivers a little bit again last week when the real source of the problem is my old, falling apart laptop, and then...

All of a sudden all my self-created Rex files were mangled! Actually, only slightly mangled, but very obvious and obnoxious. I could pull them up in a new rack, played by any Rex2 playable device, same problem. I could open them in ReCycle, and they played fine. I could re-rex them from the source file in ReCycle, and still got garbage in Reason. I'm working on a song that is more than my system can do, so I have to export parts out, ReCycle them, and have been using Dr Rex to play them to get back some CPU headroom to keep working. There is an Ambient Textures Refill NN-XT patch I'm using (really sweet, big sound) that will kill my system all by itself. I had to Rex it just to hear it in the mix (or at all), LOL.

So I'm looking around at what system changes I had made, and there was just some WinXP updates and a new Ozone driver and some mapping software for my new totally cool Palm Tungsten E that goes with my regular DeLorme laptop app. (I have to re-install the drivers a lot) I don't think it was necessarily the 'new' drivers, but who knows. I had been using them a few days. It affected no other device or other music app. Oh, and yeah, this only was with the ASIO drivers, all others were OK. I went back and forth on most all above listed aspects to verify.

Anyway, re-install the drivers again and all is OK.


You have to click past a dozen warnings from Windows about the lack of Windows quality signing during the install. I have seen it enough times now.

Ozone's a lot of fun, though, and turning out to be very rugged. I need some power line conditioning now, though, for AC use, but not DC. Sounds like a scratched record. One of the many things that will crash the drivers, or whatever is happening. Windows Media Player is the only one that will crash and then reset itself (not require a restart of the app or sometimes a reboot).


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