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Eiderol Midi Controller vs. the rest

I have an Evolution 249C midi controller that I picked up almost two years ago when I purchased Reason 1.0. At the time it seemed like a good deal, $199 for a 49 key controller with 8 knobs. I don't own hardware synths but when I played an Access Virus or Waldorf Q the keys felt so damn nice! I felt like bying a real synth just for the keys.

Yesterday I was at Sam Ash and saw a few different Midi controllers and when I played the Eiderol I was blown away! The keys feel awesome (like a Virus) and the knobs and slider feel totally professional! I couldn't believe it!! Overall the controller feels like a tank (and this wasn't the Controller + Audio version either, just the controller only).

Does anyone else have one? I played with the small 2 octave version and the 49 key version but they also have a 61 key version.


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