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Old 2003-11-24, 21:28
millionVALVE millionVALVE is offline
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I need Help! Tough MIDI channel question...

Okay, so I've ventured into the world of MIDI beyond using just Reason and Cubase with a VSTi.

Now, I have: Reason ReWired into Cubase SL. Cubase is hosting Reaktor and Kontakt. I have an Acces Virus b hooked up, too.

So, as you can see, this is a lot of MIDI stuff considering this is my first foray into multiple devices/channels at the same time.

To round out the setup: dual gig Mac G4 running Jaguar. Echo Mia MIDI soundcard/MIDI interface, Yamaha PSR-520 keyboard is my...keyboard.

The thing is this: When I have all of this ReWired together, Cubase triggers the MIDI for the Virus or one of the VSTi's AND triggers whatever Reason device is MIDI-activated. I have worked around this by creating a blank sequencer track in Reason, and having that highligted to avoid any unintentional MIDI triggering. (That's prolly bass-ackwards, but it works.)

The bigger problem is that when I want to play the keyboard to input stuff into a Reason device, the converse happens: it also triggers the Virus or a VSTi, which are active via the ReWire.

I can fix all of this by re-routing wires and changing MIDI channels on everything to disable various things, but isn'ty there a way to keep everything patche dthe same, yet not have alll of these multiple input trigger problems.

Also, my keyboard doesn't seem to have many channel options: Just an option for "Keyboard Remote" with off, and channels 1-16. If I set it for 16, and change the Reason prefs to receive MIDI on channel 16, that doesn't work.

I know this is complicated, but give it a try, advice-wise.

Feel free to post any helpful links.

Thanks in advance.


millionVALVE with more cut-and-dried MIDI

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