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Microsoft seem to be a really bad boy

There are a few companies in Holland who are selling pre-configured PC's with Lindows installed. These companies recieved a phone-call from Microsoft telling them they should stop selling Lindows OS on these PC's.

There's a bit of info which can be found here:

And yes, it's confirmed by these companies, so it's not a story which is made up by Michael Robertson.

I read a lot about Bill Gates' charity things etc. but the way they are doing business is very bad in my opinion.

I am very much interested in the Agnula project (Linux for audio) which is running superb at the moment. But I think it will be very hard to move to Linux and I am sure the Props are not considering to support the platform....

But well to make a long story short, Microsoft is really aggresive in the way they are running their business in my opinion. It makes me feel bad that I am using WindowsXP.

Also a friend of mine is being asked to work for Microsoft. His main job is to make people switch to Microsoft. The guy is a marketing expert and his technical knowledge is zero. But Microsoft wants him because he will be able to make people switch from Linux to Windows ...
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