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Old 2003-11-28, 04:04
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Getting the vocal into it's right place in the mix. help!

Hi, i am having a bit of a dilema recently. I don't really know whether the vocals i'm recording are good enough because they sound out of place in the mix... The thing is i have the main parts of the song in place. I come to record the vocals. A verse of rapping and it sounds great while i'm monitoring. Sounds nicely in place with the mix. Then i record it and it's still sounding cool whilst monitoring still.
But then i playback the new track in the mix and it sounds out of place. Doesn't fit in somehow... It sounds totally like when you're playing two different songs simultaneously and they obviously dont fit. Okay it's not that drastic as there is less noise.
What i'm asking is basically. What do i do to get this vocal sounding in the depth of the song. I have experimented with EQ's to some help. But i am cutting alot.. Does this sound a little extreme? I mean i'll take huge cuts with the eq and it sounds better.. i want to keep the natural sound character from the recording and i guess cutting alot of frequencies will take that away.
Does anyone have any good tips about how to get that vocal i've recorded which sounds fine when monitoring to sit in the mix when in real playback??
Thanks alot.

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