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Old 2003-11-28, 10:37
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Class Action Law Suit against Propellerheads.

I am extremely upset to hear Recycle 2.1 for Mac OS X no longer communicates with SMDI samplers.

There is currently no solution provided. I have used Recycle 2.0 for years now. I was in need for a faster Mac running OS X. I was told Recycle 2.0 runs in Mac OS X under Classic. Indeed it does however what i was NOT told was that SMDI transfers DON'T WORK!!! I bought Recycle specifically and ONLY to chop up drum loops and transfer them to SCSI hardware samplers.

Unfortunately my new Macintosh computers no longer boots Mac OS 9x so now im completely unable to send samples from Recycle to my EMU, Kurzweil and Akai Samplers over SCSI.

Propellerheads have blatantly removed functionality of a program for which i still depend on every day. For a company to FORCE me to stop using hardware devices i still own and LOVE is utterly despicable . This policy is totally unacceptable for any company to pull such a stunt. Other companies updated their Mac OS 9x apps to OS X did NOT remove SMDI functionality. Recycle was intimately tied to SMDI samplers and as such is a vital component into what makes the software do what it was designed to do.

Mac OS X Panther 10.3 has removed the old 'SCSIAction()' API which was used in 10.2.6 and below. The new API that must be used to communicate with SCSI devices is the SCSITask User Client API. Apple warned developers in May, 2002 that the older APIs were deprecated.

I am in close contact with several relevant parties who specialize in class action law suits of this nature. The details of the drafted class action law suit will be made available soon. Hopefully a solution can be agreed to sometime in the near future.

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