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Old 2003-12-01, 16:35
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[semi-OT] What makes something world-class?

I weas just listening to a Plaid song and some BOC.

Sometimes I'll be listening to a song, and I'll feel myself instantly respecting it because it comes from So and So.

I immediately try to pretend that I heard it online by a talented indie (as in totally underground and unpublished) musician. Sometimes it makes me question whether the song is all that great. Sometimes it makes me think that I know several unknowns who ought to be that widely listened to, also. Other times it makes me glad that Such and Such is famous.

What makes something so world-class that it gets *way* out there, famous (or semi-famous)-wise ?

What makes a 30-second BOC interstitial with one looping pad better than the next guy's?

Luck is not an answer I'm looking for, because I am already well aware of that factor. Also, the "quality of ideas" thing is out since I've heard equal quality 30 second pad loops from many sources, which just cycles us back to the luck factor in someone getting their thing out.

If I haven't answered all of my own questions already, I'd love to hear what people think makes some a piece Really Something.

Be specific. Use examples, use complete sentences, and be sure to write your name at the top.


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