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Old 2003-12-03, 20:52
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Reason, excellent program but in order that???

I believe that Reason would be an excellent program if it was compatible with many programs and plugins as the VSTi or the DXi, but since it it is not, he would say that this program is very closed.
My situation is this, I use the FruityLoops, as blender and host for other applications it is an excellent, low latency, zero crash, etc...
Till now almost all the programs that I use as the Protools, the Cubase and the Sonar, are compatible with between if thanks to the technologies VST and DX.
Let's say that I mix all the plugs and programs with the FruityLoops, hence, due to the fact that it has a plug called Fruity VSTi, I can export everything to the cubase, hence I record in alive real intrumentos and mix them with everything what I did in the FruityLoops, once done this, export everything route VST to the Protools, there it is the final miscellany.
My inconvenient only one is that the plugs VSTi and the applications that I use as the Sonar, do not take so good quality as the Reason. As he was already saying that I cannot mix the Reason with the FruityLoops, only with the Sonar but cannot edit the notes MIDI of the Reason and the Sonar with the FruityLoops, it might if a Plug VSTi or DXi existed for the Reason.
But since it it does not exist even, I remain with the desires of doing marvels, and say that the Reason is a filth in this sense, to be incompatible with something basic in all the programs VST or DX ... technologies of top that since someone was mentioning here below, it is like to compare a TV Zenith with not that ... I would say that the Reason is like a TV of the fifties, nice and cheap, but black and white.
I hope that some of these specimens programmers should invent soon a plugin VSTi for the Reason, if not, one does to me that I will end up by using Storm de Arturia

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