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Old 2003-12-08, 08:12
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Back again after being absent since August(O/T)

Hi Guys,
I see some new "faces" here and some old ones as well. Just like to say "Hi" to Enoch and DJDM, etc..
Some of you might remember I moved to Shanghai, China back in the summer.
It's been one heck of a change from sleepy Kansas City, Missouri.
I work at LaSalle Design School on the Dong Hua Univsersity campus teaching English and Communication Principles. I have a nice pad and stay with my Chinese girlfriend here.
I have just recently started playing around with my music software again. Javier Richarte is releasing some CD's and I am on one or two of them. Some of you other Propellerheads out here might have also done some remixing for him in the past.
Anyone out there using Tracktion? I noticed Julian hasn't posted an updated version of it for almost 9 weeks now. That seems a little odd.
I am really excited about the new update for Recycle. Maybe now I will actually use it. I hope I get picked to help Beta test it.
I missed hanging out here. I just have alot of other things going on these days. Cheers.

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