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The Girl
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MIDI to WAV or AIFF - (mac question)


Gotta finish writing some tunes for a xmas party that my work is throwing.
(it's top cheese, let me tell you - the list runs like a list of "Music Now 19WHAT?)

So, I've been pluggin in the MIDI files into Reason and out of the kindness of me heart been playing around with the files to make them sound a BIT better (we all know what those MIDI dang files sound like on the web...)

Alas, I have three more to go and no more time.

So cheese will be do I convert these babies into WAV or AIFF? Any will do.

I'm on a Mac Dual G4. OSX. I have Reason and Protools Free for now. Do I have the tools to do it? Been looking on the answers there!

Help boys. Help!


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