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Automation!?!? Not ReWired, you don't!

Come on now Propellerheads! One of the most beautiful and wonderful and innovative music apps around. Does it get any better than Reason 2.5 for all under one hood? Why, the lovely samplers and synths, Rexing, drumz, FX, automation (and those lovely RV7000 and Scream boxes...mmmmm)...Only one problem - the RUBBISH sequencer. What a ball ache and zero VST support. What about Absynth et al.

So, I'm a Cubase SX man, ReWired of course. Reason still makes the foundation of my production, but I need more. So, to my dismay, when I upgraded from VST 5.1 to SX, I was eagerly anticipating some new automation tools to go alongside those rather lovely VST automation tracks in SX making automation a doddle. But NO! I've still gotta get out my MIDI implementation charts, squint damn hard and try to read whats going on. Then go into my (now redundant) controller sequencer in key editor and go through that whole rigmoral. I want my lovely curves and sines all with their own automation track!

Its not fair Propellerheads! What are you going to do about it???

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