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Anyone used the Digidesign MBox?

yo, my friend is thinking about getting himself Reason. Recently i saw a Digidesign MBox package going for about $400 on eBay. my buddy is still using some crap-ass onboard Creative audio interface, and he will soon be getting his own system to do music on. he's a CakeWalk Pro Audio & Reason kid. my question is: has anybody on here used the Digidesign MBox? i know it comes with a bunch of nice software like ProTools LE and Reason Adapted and stuff. can anybody tell me if the Mbox works with the regular version of Reason 2.5 and DAW apps like Cubase SX and Cakewalk Sonar? if so what kinda latency have you experienced? are there any other relatively cheap (say under $400 on eBay) packages along similair lines? basically he needs a good audio & MIDI interface for both recording and soft synth work.

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