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Recycle Suggestions/Ideas

I was too late in signing up for testing for Recycle 2.1, but I've been working in Recycle quite a bit lately and I have some ideas for what kind of features might be useful in a new version.

These are mostly brainstorming-type ideas, so they might not be thought out as much as they should be. Most of my ideas are based on the idea of being able to save some time while working with Recycle. Disregard any and all, at your convenience.

1. Additional "start-up" or preference options. For example, I would like to be able to set Recycle to default specific effects whenever a loop is activated in "preview" mode. Currently, my version of Recycle always starts with the Envelope Effect on, whenever I switch to "preview" mode. I'd like to be able to set specific effects, envelopes, whatever, whenever I switch to this mode (or be able to set it so that nothing comes on automatically which is actually my preference).

Additionally, it would be nice if I could have my windows automatically open to full size when I open a loop, instead of the smaller size they open to when I first open a file.

On slower systems, it might also be nice to have an option that will keep only one sample open at a time, so when you open a new sample, it automatically closes the one you had been working on (with the mandatory "save" option box popping up).

2. Some kind of "session" setting function would be great. What I'm envisioning is a kind of bank of options you can set, ahead of time, that you can apply with just one click. For example, let's say you want all of the loops you're working with to be set to the "I-Will-Distort-You" Transient, with a 1.5 dB gain, and set to a Tempo of 140 bpm. You could have a series of buttons on the menu bar, maybe 1 through 4, and you could set each button for specific settings. So, after setting it up properly, you could just click "1" and have all of your options applied to the loop you're working on. I have no idea how much work this would be in terms of programming, but it would speed up work in Recycle if you're converting a bunch of loops to a specific sound. Being able to label these buttons would be the most ideal situation, so you could click your "ambient" button to modify a sound to fit a specific style you like working with, or something along those lines.

Maybe each "session button" set-up screen would pull up a small dialog box that had a series of parameters you could set, such as tempo, Envelopes, Transients, and Equalizers. You could right-click on the "1" or "A" or whatever to open the set-up box, adjust your default settings, and then you're good to go.

3. Here's a really minor suggestion... It would also be nice if you could set a maximum number of slices that are allowed in any one loop. In the past, I have "recycled" loops that contained more slices than the 99 allowed in Dr. Rex. Of course, this is rare and has only happened with a couple of loops, but it would still be a nice option so that my software could "remind" me of the limitations I'm working with. Maybe have it come up with a box that says something like, "You have exceeded your set limit for slices. Do you want to proceed?" That way, you can easily exceed your set limit, but can have a reminder built in.

4. Setting up some "default" file locations, like you can do in Reason, would also be a great addition to Recycle. I don't know about anyone else, but those four file location buttons in Reason have becomes very useful to me and it would be great to have something similar in Recycle.

The screenshots for Recycle 2.1 look great and I'm eager to get my hands on a copy of an OS X version. Thanks for putting the work into updating it!


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