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Got a new (to me; actually discontinued and factory reconditioned, but hey) flat panel display hooked up and working at last.

The boss bought it months ago thinking it was a touchscreen type, suitable for testing dental software. Gave it to me yesterday to try. No such luck; not touch-sensitive -- that's another model. The company he got it from are notorious for not accepting returns, though they claim it's easy. (They lie like dogs.)

But no matter, at last I've got two displays again, side by side, about the same size. Now if I can just dedicate the new one to the Windows machine and use the old one on the KVM switch, all will be hunky-dory at last. Wiring will come another time

Wow, it's SO much easier testing my programs now! O.o

I'll make myself scarce until my current program is completed and has been sent off to be duplicated and packaged with dental hardware. Yippee!

o/~ to be a deh.... en-tiiiiiiist! o/~ -- Steve Martin, LSoH

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