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Old 2003-12-11, 01:17
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OT: Gyration cordless/deskless mouse and keyboard

I got one of these the other day:

I got sick of being glued to my computer desk while creating music. So I bought this set of cordless mouse and keyboard.

It's also good for reducing repetitious motion with a mouse since you can pick it up and wave it in the air to control the cursor too.

What's my thoughts on it now that I have used it a few days:

Great product, don't get the mini keyboard suite unless (like me) you don't have much use for the number keys on the right side of the keyboard. Otherwise keyboard takes up less space.

The mouse is a bit of a learning curve, but you learn fast once you get into it. You hold an activation key when you want to move the cursor while moving the mouse around in the air. Best part is you can keep your old mouse hooked up near the system when you are not in need of the gyration mouse. Although the gyration mouse can be used on the desktop too.

This device far exceeds 3 ft, going into my kitchen at almost 14 feet away through walls. So there's no worry of signal weakness, unless you are doing presentations in a hall.

Is it a toy? Depends. If you are like me and your computer desk serves as an office desk too, then having this set is a gem.


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