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music experimenter back again

ok i have two posts/ questions for all of ya. first, i restarted my computer yesterday afternoon to find that i had no sound whatsoever. the torture! my sound isnt muted, my speakers are connected ( i hear the soft "pop" whenever i turn on the volume ) ( i have creative 5.1 speakers running through a creative soundblaster audigy which has also, about 5 months ago decided to stop working in the front panel, its only good for the speaker hookups and the rear mic hookup) i checked the drivers for the card and it says they're there. when i go to run "creative diagnostics" it starts checking off the list and when it gets to searching for wave drivers it freezes the whole computer and i have to shut down manually! every time. what the crap is going on?! where did my wave drivers go, did they even go anywhere? this computer is nearing retirement... which leads me to my second question. what kind of new equipment should i buy? right now i am a windows user seriously considering abandoning ship. i'm told and i've read that mac is where its at for music/video creation/ production. so i've been thinking about a powermac G5 with dual 2ghz processors, 1 Gb RAM, 160 GB hard drive, logitech 5.1 speakers, and this to go with it. please let me know what you think, anyone. tell me i'm nuts for switching or nuts for waiting so long to switch. tell me somethings better or that this is the best, i would just like some input from people who know, rather than shooting from the hip. thanks all... -peace-

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