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Old 2003-12-13, 04:27
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Any Old Impulse Tracker People Here? Time for memories...

Just wondering. How many of you out there used Impulse Tracker back in the old days of music creation? I'm talking the late 90s when we ran the program through DOS, and had that wonderful matrix screen which kinda looked like the green matrix screen from those matrix movies (but with numbers and notes instead of those cool symbols). I really miss But this Reason site is a definite upgrade in a big way...

Reason is what I dreamt of years ago... but I will always have a special place in my heart for impulse tracker, and that crazy looking pattern screen which was so easy to navigate since it did not require a mouse (well, I thought it was easy anyway).

If you have any cool impulse tracker tracks, maybe we can exchange some just for the fun of it! Ohhh... the good old days!

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