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Old 2003-12-15, 06:22
alschnier alschnier is offline
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No sound w. DP4 & Rewire while recording

please help -
running DP4. Reason 2.5, OSX 10.2

I'm not able to hear record enabled tracks while paused or recording. I can record tracks from Reason into DP4. I can see wave forms, tracks do playback. cannot seem to hear them otherwise. I believe I have followed all directions.

1. open DP4 1st
2. create track; reason channel as input; reg. motu 896 output; audio patch thru enabled; "always" enabled in input monitor
3. open reason (synth is automatically connected to Rewire output device

* I read thru DP4 manual & everything seems to be right. the only thing I'm a bit unclear on are Midi & Advanced Midi preferences in Reason. Do I need to change my normal Reason prefs? I'm using an Oxygen 8 w. usb cable.

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