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Context Sensitive Rack Documentation

It would be really helpful to be able to insert comments on different parts of a rack. For example, if I patch ten modules, I would be able to insert documentation for that group of modules; "This module group is used to create psychoacoustic HRTF panning effects. EQ1 controls left ear EQ, Delay1 controls left ear delay..." etc etc.
Each documented module group gets a shortname. The group shortnames can be selected from a listbox, in order to highlight those modules contained in it & show the documentation. When the mouse is over a module in the group, the module name & module group is shown in the Hint text. The module group documentation can also be viewed from the popup menu when right-clicking a module.
And of would be nice to be able to collapse that module group in the GUI to a module container box...hiding the details of a complex group of modules.

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