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Wishlist compilation

I knew this day would come...
Finaly we know the Propellerheads are listening, hopefully ;-)
To make things less complicated I gathered some of the wishlist threads of the old message board:

After the immense improvements on the effect devices in the 2.5 edition (and let's not forget the Spider devices!!) there are still a couple of things I would like to see in my favourite piece of software.

* either should the Subtractor synth be enhanced with more oscillators(total 4 or 5), a audio-in for FM synthesis of external signals (from Redrum, samplers, ...) - or a seperate FM device with 2 or 4 inputs - LFO 2 should be sync, stereo output, ADSR envelope for every oscillator and filter etc. or these features should be implemented in a totally new synth - take a look at the Access Virus and you'll know what I mean

* a pitch-shift/timestretch device, pretty please

* an independent LFO device with 4 or 8 LFO's, each with rate, waveform, delay (LFO starts later than other) and amount, a gate-in so the device knows when to start the LFO and why not have ADSR envelopes for the LFO's? - right now I'm stuck with numerous M

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