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Now for my special needs...

- an 'Add Expression' like in After Effects, so I can control several parameters with a single knob, like pitch and LFO-rate to make these corny drum rolls. Also it should be possible to control a parameter based on the amplitude or frequency of a particular source

- a Midi-out is an absolute neccesity for anyone with external hardware (like myself). I think it would be great to play my hardware synth from a Matrix

- a module-mode where you can split every device in Reason into its components (like oscillator, filter, lfo etc. for a synth, damage, cut and body for the Scream4) which can then be rearranged and connected to create a completely new device

- a deeper zoom ratio in the sequencer (I'm talking microseconds!) for subtle adjustments of arrangements and compositions

- being able to assign CV to any parameter would really spice up the sounddesign capabilities

- why can't I record parameter-changes on the NN-XT remote editor?

- try to take software sound-design to places hardware can never go, without losing the visual flair and real-time tweak-ability of Reason. Try to cut yourself loose from conventions and standards, try to approach sound from a totally different perspective, don't just make a software copy of things that already exist in the hardware domain.

- in a perfect world everything will be compatible with everything, no boundaries or limitations but sheer inspiration.
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