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What I want for Reason 4 (or 3.01)

NEW Tools:

Drag and drop device icons from a device palette (on the right) instead of create from menu.

Advanced draw tools: Not just lines - log curves for fade outs etc.

Use of Right of screen for tools - like image editing software - history, device palette, select tools, change events, audio quality, audio out oscillator graph...etc
or the use of right side of the screen to show the reverse rack at the same time

NEW Devices:

The use of graphs on all devices where applicable - eg. Compressor graph - much easier to see what you are doing in graphical form - Remember this is software and not real world hardware - use this fact to dump cost effectiveness eg.loads of LCD screens.

Analog String synthesis device - For basses, strings, etc - like the synapse orion machine - yummy

A new mini oscillator device - instead of having to lump in a whole Malstrom or subtractor device to use their oscillators.
-like the reason 3 mini mixer

Bug fixes:

Ability to copy sequencer selection when selected on play

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