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TC Native Finalizer

I have a tc electronics Finalizer Express (outboard) and it makes my mixes off the hook. It gives them a finished feel. I dont expect it to be a tc finalizer but the functionality would be great. May it could be a "Regulator."

They have released it as a VSTi so it is possible to rewire through Cubase and use it in my portable studio. But it would be great for all the Reason Users (self included) to be able to replace all the hardwar and master straight from Reason to CD. I beleive it possible. I sold all of my equipment to purchase a pc and high end sound card back in like 94. I was using a tracker! I knew then that the end was near.

I have mastered a few cd's in sound forge but would like to use reason as a one stop studio app.

Here is what they have to say about it:

Finalizer Express

The Finalizer Express is the fast and efficient way to turn your mix into a Professional Master! Based upon TC's Multi-Award winning Finalizer Mastering Technology, it delivers the finishing touches of clarity, warmth and punch to your mixes, putting the world of professional mastering within your reach.

Insert the Finalizer Express between the stereo output of your mixer or workstation and your mastering recording media to refine your tracks with powerful mastering tools, adding real energy to your mix without worrying about "overs".

Punch up your mix with the fast intuitive user-interface and deliver the ultimate sound quality you deserve-quick and clean! Spectral balance is improved, bass is tightened, the level is optimized and your mix sounds like a final master!

Link To view the websitehttp

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