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In-Song Tempo Control (like MIDI)

First off: Reason Rules! I own both Reason and ReBirth (I sometimes "chain them" when I want the 303/808/909 "noises" in my music!) - and I can't promote the product(s) enough!

Now: for my suggestion:

When you import a MIDI file into Reason, "Any tempo changes in the MIDI file are disregarded. The tempo in Reason will be set to the first tempo in the MIDI file."

In many forms of music, the tempo changes - to show emphasis, to create a mood, that sort of thing. I was working on a classical piece, only to discover that MIDI Tempo Control was *not* supported. And you can't [C]reate a Sequencer Track for the Tempo/Transport.

While there *is* a workaround in the [...mark the affected measures, right-click and select "Change Events", and use the "Scale Tempo"...] method, it is simply a workaround, and if you've scored the music (say, in your favorite MIDI package, and you plan to publish it), this workaround REALLY damages your notation.

The simpler method would be to give us some method to controll the tempo from within the song, much like we can control the level/pan/effect send/effect return/etc. for a single trtack of the mixer.

Yeah, I know the mixer and the transport are different modules by miles, but I was merely making my point a little less obscure.

Again: the product is simply awesome!!! thanks for giving us this opportunity to voice our ideas/concerns!!!

Have a terrific day!!!
- LongFist
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